Project management

Duration: 11 April 2016 – 10 April 2019

Budget: EUR 150,000.00

Contact persons:
Sanda Buconjić Kolarić, Hrvatske vode,
Maja Jelen, MOP,



Seven main activities are planned within the framework of work package M – Project Management, as follows:

  1. Project management plan

Within this activity, the Project Management Plan will be prepared, which will include communication and financial plans. It will contain data for successful project management and implementation, communication procedures within the framework of the partnership and the Programme, reporting and evaluation procedures, risk monitoring and quality-control procedures, (coordination and technical) meetings plan, etc.

  1. Strategic coordination

This activity will include strategic coordination between Hrvatske vode and the Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning and other partners, and also strategic coordination with external parties, including the Permanent Slovenian-Croatian Water Economy Commission and its sub-commissions.

  1. Technical coordination

Working groups of representatives of project partners have been established for eight work packages. Technical coordination means the meetings and coordination of working groups, including coordination and consultation with the project management group and other stakeholders, in order to obtain approval for developed non-structural and planned structural measures.

  1. Risk and quality management

In the framework of risk and quality management, potential risks which could endanger the success of the project will be identified and analysed. In order to eliminate these risks, certain activities will be determined in order to implement the project successfully within the planned deadlines. During the project period, the quality control of project activities and results and their compliance with cross-border cooperation and national documents for water management planning and flood risk reduction will be implemented. Quality control and quality assurance processes will be used (quality planning, quality control, quality assurance and quality improvement) in order to provide an appropriate level of quality for users.

  1. Financial management

In the implementation of the project, the financial management will ensure the principles of sound financial management, the separation of management and control functions, the accuracy of statements of expenditure based on verifiable evidence, the coordination of financial managers of all project partners and the preparation of reports and requests for reimbursement according to the rules of the Programme.

  1. Reporting

The reporting will be implemented according to the Programme and Project Management Plan. The reports are: progress reports (joint progress reports every six months, monthly reports, ad hoc reports) and financial reports. They will be prepared by the lead project partner on the basis of project partner reports and submitted to the Managing Authority/Joint Secretariat.

  1. Archiving and completion

Within this activity, an efficient and well-defined filing system will be established to provide an appropriate audit trail and easier document search. Both a physical archive (printed documents) and the electronic collection of documents will be developed.

Planned results or products:

Activity Products Number of products
Project management plan Project management plan 1
Strategic coordination Minutes of meetings 12
Strategic coordination Bilaterally agreed methodologies 4
Technical coordination Minutes of meetings and progress reports 24
Risk and quality management Risk management and quality control reports 6
Financial management Financial reports and requests for reimbursement 6
Financial management Final financial report 1
Reporting Periodical reports 42
Reporting Final report 1
Archiving and completion Filing system 1
Archiving and completion Report on the completion of the project 1