Flood alarm systems

Duration: 11 April 2016 – 31 October 2017

BudgetEUR 385,950.00

Contact persons:
Luka Duh, URSZR, luka.duh@urszr.si
Žarko Vučak, DUZS, zarko.vucak@duzs.hr



Three main activities are planned within the work package T7 – Flood alarm systems:

  1. Analysis of the existing situation

This activity is the analysis of the current state of the alarm sirens network in terms of technical condition, extension and remote control capabilities, and also technical and geographical suggestions for upgrading the alarm system. An inspection and inventory of the infrastructure of the existing alarm system will be implemented.

  1. Determination of sirens’ locations

According to the information collected as per item 1, an analysis of possible locations of new sirens will be made. The feasibility of the physical installation of sirens at the proposed locations and the method of installation will be verified. An analysis along the cross-border watercourse must also be made, so that the installations is not duplicated on the Slovenian and Croatian sides. In addition, the most suitable type of equipment for each location will be determined.

  1. Installation of new sirens

This activity consists of purchasing equipment and installing new flood alarm systems. The result will be an effective alarm system in cross-border river basins.

Planned results or products:

Activity Products Number of products
Analysis of the existing situation Inventory of the existing alarm infrastructure 1
Determination of sirens’ locations Report on the determination of sirens’ locations 1
Installation of new sirens Installed sirens 24