The FRISCO1 project (Cross-Border Harmonised Slovenian-Croatian Flood Risk Reduction 1 – Non Structural Measures) is a strategic project aimed at reducing flood risk in the river basins of the Dragonja, Kolpa, Sotla, Bregana and parts of the Drava and Mura river basins and is implemented in the framework of the Cooperation Programme INTERREG V-A Slovenia – Croatia.

The Cooperation Programme INTERREG V-A Slovenia – Croatia is the main document presenting the framework for cross-border cooperation between Slovenia and Croatia in the financial perspective 2014-2020. The purpose of cross-border cooperation is to deal with common challenges that we have commonly identified in the border area and at the same time take advantage of unused potential for growth and strengthen the process of cooperation for the overall harmonious development of the European Union.

FRISCO1 substantively addresses non-structural measures to reduce flood risk and improve the flood risk management system. Improved and cross-border harmonised flood risk mapping and the elaboration/improvement of cross-border harmonised flood prediction models will provide the necessary expertise and documentation for the proposal and selection of cross-border coordinated structural measures to reduce flood risk, which would be implemented in the second phase of the FRISCO project, i.e. through FRISCO2, in the basins of the Kolpa, Sotla, Drava and Mura rivers.

Project information leaflet

Detailed information about the project (sources and amount of co-financing, types of activities, results, partners) are available in the project information leaflet.

The FRISCO1 project also envisages activities to raise peoples’ awareness of flood risks, to build institutional capacity to improve cross-border flood risk management and to establish/upgrade early warning systems (in particular, flood alert alarm sirens), which will increase the resilience of the system in the event of floods and reduce flood risk.


The main purpose of the measures envisaged in FRISCO1 is to protect lives and property and reduce damage by flooding. In addition to improving flood safety in these cross-border river basins, the conditions for developing sustainable tourism and preserving the rich biological diversity of the border area will be improved; moreover, the project also contributes to the objectives of the EU Danube Region.

RESULTS: Common tools, common models, common maps and common projects in 6 cross-border river basins

  • Improved databases for flood risk management
  • Cross-border studies of comprehensive flood risk management
  • Improved hydrological hydraulic models
  • Improved flood prediction model
  • Improved and cross-border harmonised flood risk maps
  • Common projects (preparing project and other documentation)
  • Early warning system (upgrading predictive and warning alarm system)
  • Raising awareness of the public on flood risks and institutional strengthening of the flood risk management system

Sources of financing

RISCO1 is the first approved strategic project in the framework of the cross-border Cooperation Programme Slovenia – Croatia for the programming period 2014-2020 (INTERREG V-A Slovenia – Croatia). For the project, valued at EUR 4,070,950 million, 85% (EUR 3,460,307.50) is contributed by the European Regional Development Fund and 15% (610,642.50 EUR) by all project partners combined.


An important part of the activities of the FRISCO1 project is the preparation of new, and the amendment of existing, expert bases and documentation for implementing cross-border coordinated structural measures in river basins that are shared, which will be implemented in the amount of approximately EUR 8 million in the FRISCO2 project, which will be implemented within the same cross-border Cooperation Programme Slovenia – Croatia for the programming period 2014-2020.

Basic information

  • Eight partners from Slovenia and Croatia (8 national state and public institutions)
  • The duration of the project is 36 months; the project starts on 11th April 2016, and ends on 10th April 2019
  • Financing through the Cooperation Programme INTERREG V-A Slovenia – Croatia 2014-2020
  • Entire budget: EUR 4,070,950, of which 85% ERDF, 15% national funds
  • Area: basins of the Sotla, Kolpa, Bregana and Dragonja rivers and parts of the Drava and Mura river basins

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