Legal entity for water management in Republic of Croatia

Lead Project partner

Legal Representative: general manager Zoran Đuroković,đ.

Address: Ulica grada Vukovara 220, 10 000 Zagreb           

Phone: 00 385 1 6151 779, 00 385 1 6155 820

Contact person: Marijan Babić,đ., Project leader

Phone: 00 385 1 6307 402

E-mail address:

Web page:

Hrvatske vode is a legal entity for water management established by the Water Act. According to the national legislature (Water Act), the activities of Hrvatske vode include the following tasks (tasks relevant to the Project are described in more detail):

  1. Preparation of planning documents for water management (Water Management Strategy, River Basin Management Plans, Flood Risk Management Plans, long-term construction programmes);
  2. Study and analytical work (preparation of terms of reference, conceptual solutions, studies and investment programmes and review of design documents);
  3. Water regulation and protection from adverse effects of water – monitoring and establishing hydrological conditions (including monitoring, collection and publication of hydrological data, analysis of the hydrological regime, forecasting extreme hydrological events, floods and droughts), assessment of flood risks, monitoring the status of watercourses and status of water regulation and protection facilities; investment and supervision tasks; management of flood risks; management, supervision and implementation of preventive, regular and emergency flood defence;
  4. Amelioration drainage;
  5. Water use;
  6. Water protection;
  7. Irrigation;
  8. Management of the public water estate;
  9. Expert tasks;
  10. Calculation and collection of fees,
  11. Management of special projects and
  12. Other tasks.