About Frisco1

FRISCO1 project (Cross-Border Harmonized Slovenian-Croatian Flood Risk Reduction 1 – Non Structural Measures) is a strategic project aimed at reducing flood risk in the river basins of Dragonja, Kolpa, Sotla, and Bregana, as well as in parts of the Drava and Mura river basins; it is carried out within the framework of INTERREG V-A Slovenia – Croatia cooperation programme.

The INTERREG V-A Slovenia – Croatia cooperation programme is the key document regulating cross-border cooperation between Slovenia and Croatia in the Financial Perspective 2014–2020. The aim of cross-border cooperation is to tackle common challenges that have been recognised by both sides in the border area, and at the same time exploit untapped growth potentials and strengthen cooperation process for the overall harmonious development of the European Union.

Main information

  • 8 partners from Slovenia and Croatia (8 national government and public institutions)
  • Project duration is 36 months; the starting date is 11 April 2016, and the conclusion date 10 April 2019
  • Financing through INTERREG V-A Slovenia-Croatia 2014-2020 Cooperation Programme
  • Total budget: EUR 4,070,950 (85% ERDF, 15% national budgets)
  • Region: the Sotla, Kolpa, Bregana, Dragonja and parts of Drava, and Mura river basins

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